Use proven domain-specific tools

Use modern web-based modeling environment

Take advantage of a purely web-based modeling tool accessible by many stakeholders without need to install any special software on user machines.

Manage large collaborating teams

Large extensively collaborating teams are supported by advanced versioning capabilities and sandboxing based on Git.

Create your own modeling languages

Metarepository is fully configured by metamodels and therefore it is possible to design very domain-specific modeling languages.

Navigate in complex nested data structures

Use pill-box navigation with navigation pills that expand into nested boxes. This way it is easy to see the context of a given piece of data and quickly navigate to other parts of the data.

Let large teams collaborate efficiently and safely

50+ business users are working in parallel right now on managing their new product development and current catalogue for a No1 bank in EU. They collaborate on product design, fine tuning prices and simulations for analysis and market testing. You can do it too.

Quickly jump to details of objects

Start typing your object name and select it to jump to its detail quickly.

Save time with inline validations

Validation features like inline indicators make a huge difference. You will immediately find out whether your configuration is correct and compliant. An incredible help when you need to be fast and efficient.