Define & control your bank

Low-Code Digital Banking Platform

Limitless bundling and pricing

Create and manage tailored products, packages, prices and offers for your customers, with powerful conditional processing. Flexibility is our DNA.

Put your customer in the centre

Define fees, interest rates, rewards and bonuses by segment or for individuals based on customer insight, behavior, income, spending patterns, region and any other parameters.

Understand revenue and profitability

Running what-if analyses and multiple scenarios for simulation is simple. Try different configurations and press Execute! Results are computed in real time based on actual business rules and customer data.

Simplify your systems architecture

Bring together all your product and offer configurations under one roof. Our platform has developed over 15 years to make it work with all existing banking systems.

Zero programming

It's easier than Excel. You can do everything you need within an intuitive point-and-click table or drag and drop modeling workspace. Products, bundles, pricing models, complex eligibility and suitability conditions, simply everything in business language.

Smart up-sell & cross-sell

Define rich combinations of conditions for up-sell or cross-sell to your customers. You see a truly holistic view of your offering parameters in a single tool.

Intelligent Next best offer

You can define conditions to determine the next best offer(s) for your customer based on their product portfolio, transaction insights, relationships and much more. Boost your business with precision targeting of your customers.

See every change impact before you make it

Never break a thing with our sophisticated impact analysis and change logs. You have an overview and history of all impacts of any change in a second.

Robust for large complex portfolios

Changes are tested safe before going in production, and there are undos, restores and release management features. Sandboxing is built in for safe experimentation of ideas, with a complete audit trail... you will find everything you need to manage teams and product portfolios of any size.

Flexible multichannel support

Store your offer product configurations across channels in a single place, while still having the freedom to define channel specific conditions like special offers, bonuses and package bundles.

Play and experiment safely

Undos, sandboxing, simulations... experimenting and testing new products and offers is a breeze with a tool that keeps track of your trail.

Everything you need is ready made

There's no need to start from scratch. Base products, operations, structures, rules and conditions are ready made for you to jump in start configuring your own unique product catalogue and offers.